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LED Lighting Systems

Luxam’s LED philosophy and collection was created with the same vision as with their Fiber Optic system. Full functionality, quality, and putting the objects first. The MicroLED System is the ideal tool for highlighting collections while respecting artwork conservation standards. The small size of the tracks, fixtures, and accessories enables you to effectively integrate lighting into showcases or exhibition structures.

MicroLED Tracks

MicroLED Track Fixtures

MicroLED Standalone Fixtures

LED Drivers

Auragami & Edge Lit Panels

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Our Philosophy

Luxam believes that each object in an exhibition deserves to be properly highlighted and displayed to attract and hold the visitor’s eyes — from the most primitive stone tools to the finest chiseled jewels. Correct lighting solutions are vitally important in creating an emotional connection with audiences. Incorrect lighting creates obstacles which interrupt and disturb audience engagement.

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