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Luxretro Edge LIT Panels Only on sale in the USA

LumiSheet TM is designed to emit a bright, even output of light across the entire surface of the panel. Unlike traditional light panels, which have the light source mounted on the exterior of the LGP (Light Guide Plate), LumiSheet TM integrates high brightness LEDs and the heat sink into our exclusive 3D V-cutting LGP which makes it possible to produce “frameless”, rectangular or special shaped LED light panels for various application needs.

Choose between five different color temperature, white adjustable, or RGB LEDs to fit the needs of your application.


Any size or shape up to 59” x 118” //  Can be used in “frameless” designs // Multi-colors, tunable white, & RGB options available

Bright & Even illumination

3D V-Cutting technology  //  High brightness (2,000 – 10,000 LUX)  // Superior consistent light quality

Long Lifespan

Patented heat sink technology to maximize LED lifespan (70,000 hours)

Energy Efficient

Low power consumption (70% less than fluorescent) // Energy saving and maintenance free


Advanced 3-year warranty

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