Fiber Optics System

Fiber Optic Lightstick

FO lightsticks are the linear expression of fiber optic lighting.  They are designed to illuminate two-dimensional surfaces with an even spread of light.  Perfect for documents, books, and text panels.  A shadowless wash of light.  Lightsticks can also set a base light in a 3D space uniformly for small cases.  Combined with adjustable fixtures like the Micro, you can layer the light levels for contrast and details.

Lightsticks create a uniform wash delivered at 60 degrees standard, as well as 30-degree tight focus and 90-degree wide focus for vitrines.

Our Lightsticks are custom fabricated to your exact specifications to fit snugly in any case configuration you have.

Fiber Lightsticks are perfect for objects with stringent conservation requirements.

Gantry available.

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