National Museum of US Army – Fort Belvoir, Virginia, USA – 2021

“This national museum dedicated to the U.S. Army is a matter of civic importance or understood by many in America today. This National Museum allows visitors to see and hear about some of the most outstanding moments in the history of this nationthrough its Army––the Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, Civil War with its many colorful leaders and personalities. This museum serves as a dedication to all those who have served in America’s Army. Below are some things visitors will see inside the National Museum of the United States Army.” – The Travel

In collaboration with Design and Production, as well as Available Light, all the display cases at the National Museum of US Army were equipped with Luxam’s micro fiber optic system and focused on by our teams.

Museum: National Museum of US Army

Exhibit Fabricator: Design and Production

Exhibition Cases: Meyvaert

Exhibition Lighting: Available Light