Melbourne University, Old Quad – Melbourne, Australia – 2023

“This exhibition provides a glimpse into life in the Greek and Roman worlds, through everyday, ritual and luxury objects from the University of Melbourne’s Classics and Archaeology Collection.

Guest curators Dr Tamara Lewit and Dr Caroline Tully, both Honorary Fellows in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, have chosen items that tell a fascinating story of the often-hidden lives of women, men, children, athletes and artisans, rich and poor, in the ancient world – including wine drinking, mourning the dead, and beauty routines.” Potter Museum of Art

Curators: Dr Tamara Lewit and Dr Caroline Tully, Honorary Fellows, Classics & Archaeology

Photo: Courtesy of Melbourne University & Christian Capurro

Lighting Designer and Focus: MEGS lighting

Exhibitor Designer: Hohab Exhibition Design

Display cases: European Museum Technologies & Luxam

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