Fiber Optics System

Micro Tower System

Self-supported fiber optic constructs for vertical applications.

For vitrines and four-sided viewing when you cannot attach the lighting to the casework sides.

Mounting options include flange mount form the base and/or ceiling.

Our latest solution is the Micro Tower System with PINS.

* Note INSERTS between pins are an option not the standard

  • Micro Fiber Optic Fixture
  • 55-210 Micro 10º – 10 to 60º
  • 55-207 Micro 5 º- 5 to 50º
  • Pan and Tilt
  • Variable spacing between fixtures – great flexibility for focusing.
  • Standard color – anodized matte back.
  • Custom lenghts to 2.5M.
  • Unique triangular mount to fit tight corners.

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