The Metropolitan Museum of Art – An Afrofuturist Period Room – NY, USA – 2022

“This project has roots in the homes of Seneca Village, of which only a fragmented history remains. Like other period rooms throughout the Museum, this installation is a fabrication of a domestic space that assembles furnishings to create an illusion of authenticity.” – The Metropolitan Museum of Art


In order to adequately display the different artifacts that tell the story of this space, Amy Nelson, Lighting Designer, used a combination of Luxam Micro Led and Fiber Optic systems. Micro Track spotlights shine from tracks installed on the beams of the ‘house’, and details are revealed throughout the interior with Micro Standalone fixtures all individually dimmable and focusable.The white book case combines both White MicroLed and Silver Fiber Optic. The individually focusable and dimmable Led products allowed every detail of the objects to be highlighted while the Fiber Optic system guaranteed the highest level of conservation possible.

Museum:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Exhibition Lighting Designer:  Amy Nelson (Met Staff)

Exhibition Fabricator:  Dimensional Worldwide

Exhibition Designer:  Hannah Beachler, Fabiana Weinberg (Met Staff)

Exhibition Graphic Designer: Abby Chen (Met Staff)

Exhibition Production Artist: Sarah Parke (Met Staff)

Exhibition Curators: Hannah Beachler, Michelle Commander, Sarah E. Lawrence (Met Staff), Ian Alteveer (Met Staff)

Photo Credit: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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