Qinhai Tibetan Culture Museum – Xining, China – 2018

“The second phase of the museum on China’s version of Tibet’s culture included the Silk Road and Civilization on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Hall, the Tibetan Architectural Art Hall, the Calligraphy Art Hall, the Tibetan Carpet Hall, and the Clothing Hall.”

“The “Treasure of the Museum” – described as Painting of “China’s Tibetan Culture,” which once received the Guinness World Record – had also been moved to the second phase museum. The 608-metre-long painting, completed in 1997 and worked on by 400 artists over four years, is described as “the encyclopaedia of Tibetan culture.” Tibetan Review

Museum: Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum

Showcases: Wangda

Fabricator: Suzhou GOLD MANTIS Cultural

Photo: Courtesy of MATHIAS GUILLIN

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