Gold Chamber Frankfurt

The Gold Chamber is a Rothschild collection of 300 pieces of gold bullion, lit up and displayed in a room with two-way mirrored glass. The exhibition was designed by German practice Pfarre Lighting Design.

On one side of the glass, the gold bullion is displayed in 38 red vitrines that glow with LED lighting so that they appear suspended amidst the mirrored darkness to the viewer.

The lighting can be changed so that the exhibitions can vanish, or digital presentations can be projected onto the glass.

Each vitrine displaying a piece of gold has backlit sides, made from Luxam Lighting’s LED panels covered in red silk. The designers chose a warm white light to best enhance the colors of silk and gold.

Luxam Lighting’s Mini fibre optic spotlights are trained on each individual gold object, lighting them up without revealing the source of the lighting. Floors and ceilings are matte black to provide contrast.

Lighting design: Pfarré Lighting Design

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