Entertainment Nation NMAH – Washington D.C. -2022

“Entertainment has the power to captivate, inspire and transform us. It brings us together. We share it when we spontaneously recite lines from a favorite movie, dance to the same groove or recreate a national sports moment on a neighborhood street. It can also spur critical conversations, expose divides, and foster important historical change. Through the National Museum of American History’s extraordinary collection of theater, music, sports, movie and television objects, the exhibition Entertainment Nation will feature a powerful, ever-changing selection of objects and interactive experiences. Through the objects and their stories, the exhibition will explore how, for over 150 years, entertainment has provided a forum for important national conversations about who we are, and who we want to be.” – Smithsonian National Museum of American History

Museum: National Museum of American History

Exhibit Designer: Reich+Petch

Exhibit Fabricator: Cinnabar

Lighting Designer: Available Light

Lighting integrator: EOS Lightmedia

Case Fabricators: Meyvaert

Photo Credit: Jay Rosenblatt Photography

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