Chateau de Versailles – Porcelains Cabinet – France, 2019

The Palace of Versailles recently introduced a new room to the public that displays productions of the royal porcelain manufacture of Vincennes-Sevres from the second half of the 18th century. This antechamber to the royal apartments is know as the “Billard Room” before becoming the “Cabinet des Porcelaines”. The room gives you the opportunity to admire refined table pieces acquired by Louis XV and Louis XVI. – Château de Versailles

The LUXAM fiber optic system made it possible to integrate the light terminations inside the showcases as close as possible to the art works and to focus the lighting according to the constraints of each room. LUXAM’s lighting products proved to be adaptable, safe with regard to conservation norms, and discreet enough to give full creativity in terms of aesthetic rendering.

Museum: Chateau de Versailles

Scenography Design: Jerome Dumoux 

Case Fabrication: Muevo – Museum Evolution

Mounting: Aïnu

Lighting Focus: Luxam Lighting

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