A flexible low clearance lighting solution
• Fully field customizable
• Even illumination with as little
as 3/8” clearance
• Suitable for indoor and
outdoor use
Cut, fold and connect while maintaining UL Listing

Custom LED Stick

Custom LED Stick

Custom LED Stick KEY PRODUCT FEATURE Color Rendering: CRI Ra: 98; CRI R9: 95 // TM-30 Rf: 95; Rg 102 (all metrics are typical) Flux Consistency: 720 lumens per meter ±10% across continuous 5m length Color Consistency: 1×2 SDCM across continuous 5m length Efficacy: 100lpw Typ Lumen Maintenance: L70/B0 @ 50k hours Color Maintenance: <0.003 Δu’v’ @ 50k hours +1 954 755 […]


Our standard H-track comes in 1 and 2 meters, black or standard white.


The O-Track is the perfect solution for any vertical applications with track. It’s rounded shape is elegant and comes with a special flange.

L-MTSP-12 1W MicroTrack Spotlight

The 1W Spotlight is our smallest track fixture, easy to use, focusable and dimmable. Fully compatible with the MicroTracks and support systems. 

COMING SOON: L-MTSP-22 6W MicroTrack Spotlight

**COMING IN 2023**
Fully compatible with all MicroTrack systems. Fully Dimmable and Focusable. Full range of accessories including Barndoors, Snoots, Filter frames. Standalone version with Magnetic & Screw base available.

L-MTBA Lightbar

L-MTBA Lightbar

The Lightbar is a dimmable and can tilts, goes into the MicroTrack and can work in combination with the spotlights.