Fiber Optics System

Hybrid LED Illuminator

The 80-101 is a remote illuminator powered by an array of powerful white LED’s Each LED is mated to an individual fiber optic tail to bring the light directly to Luxam’s Micro fixtures inside the casework. By combining the best attributes of LED’s and fiber optic delivery systems, the dynamic interactive showcase is now possible.

  • 24 LED’s, dimmer controlled by DMX, in a compact package
  • LED array and electronic package is separated inside the enclosure allowing for simple replacement of the LED’s as technology advances rapidly
  • 24 channels of control via PC console for timed transitions of the lighting plot
  • Remote location keeps heat and electrical power outside casework for conservation, safety and security
  • Powerful software can control more that 4,000 lighting functions for multiple case installations
  • Control lighting and A/V function for the entire gallery from one portable PC
  • Wireless transmission to mobile server allows docent to control and modify visitor experiences on the fly
  • Stream content to visitor devices like Sony’s PSP, iPhone, any device that connects to the Internet

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