The Luxam Micro Fiber Optic System enables each object to benefit from an individual lighting that puts forward its details, colours, textures and its organic differences. Our concept makes it possible to rigorously control the visual ergonomics (multiple levels of lighting, reflections and highlights) offering an optimal perception of objects and text for the observer.
This hybrid system uses the best of the technical evolution of lighting. combining the conservation quality and flexibility of fiber optics with the power of LED. Fiber optics are still the only way to avoid heat and electricity to enter the case. Our miniature optical terminals are easily hidden from visitors.

Micro Fiber Optic System

The ultimate solution for museums. The micro fiber optic system makes it possible to rigorously control the visual ergonomics and is the best solution when it comes to conservation.

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The LED generators are installed outside of the case avoiding any problems of obsolescence due to the evolution of the LED. The mechanical part of the system, the fiber and terminals, always staying perfectly adapted.

Our Philosophy

Luxam believes that each object in an exhibition deserves to be properly highlighted and displayed to attract and hold the visitor’s eyes — from the most primitive stone tools to the finest chiseled jewels. Correct lighting solutions are vitally important in creating an emotional connection with audiences. Incorrect lighting creates obstacles which interrupt and disturb audience engagement.
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