UArizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum – Tucson, Arizona – 2021

“The facility displays pieces such as: a 400-pound malachite specimen from the Democratic Republic of the Congo; a 410-pound silver nugget found outside Globe; a 210-pound Azurite specimen from the late 1880s; the Wells Fargo Arizona Gold Collection; and a display of gem and mineral art pieces created by local artist Nicolai Medvedev, the UA […]

University of Melbourne – Old Quad, Multivocal – Parkville, Australia – 2021

“Multivocal celebrates the creation, performance and experience of music at the University of Melbourne, past and present. Showcasing the cultural collections of the University that focus on music in its many forms, the objects in the exhibition provide a platform for contemporary responses to a long history of musical activity in this place, in the form […]

Bavarian National Museum – Munich, Germany- 2018

“Housed in an attractive historic building opened in 1910, the Bavarian National Museum (Bayerisches Nationalmuseum) was founded in 1855 by King Maximilian II of Bavaria and throughout its history it has become one of the best decorative art museums in Europe. Fans of the decorative arts will find the Bavarian National Museum a haven of fascinating works; its immense collection […]

History Museum – Basel, Switzerland – 2013

“A focus from the time before the Reformation are church works of art, among which the Basel Totentanz and the Basel Cathedral Treasure are among the highlights. Under the guiding theme “Ways to World Knowledge”, the Basel rugs of action with the living and fantasy worlds of the Middle Ages, the collections of the Renaissance […]